Saturday, January 3, 2009

Digital Photography Tips for Beginners

There are plenty of Digital Photography tips at DPS for beginners. I keep reading them over and over. My tips come down to practice practice practice.  I take lots of photos most everyday. Most are deleted but I can see some improvement in my photos. Keep the camera close to you and experiment with the tips you read about on DPS. The other day I  was at a Patriot Guard Mission for a WWII Veteran and I decided to take my camera. There were many challenges to get exciting photos with the sun and shadows plus all the people. But I shot away and I hope I've learned something from the day. Here are some of my best shots.





Took about 100 shots and the Sun and shadows where hard to deal with. In side at the ceremony I did get some photos that where a little better.



Pretty close quarters. I'll keep practicing.

Digital Photography Tips for Beginners

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